10 labels pushing drum’n’bass forwards in 2020

I remember discovering the sound of Jungle/D&B when I was a teenager, I thought it sounded like the future. It still does. There are plenty of Jungle/D&B tracks that sounds as fresh now as they did the day they were released which is probably because Jungle/D&B has always been a forward looking genre. That has never changed. The sound of Jungle/D&B is still developing and being pushed forward by artists/producers, DJ’s, and record labels.

Checkout 10 labels pushing drum’n’bass forwards in 2020. You might discover a new favorite record label.


Shooting The Past / A picture tells a thousand words’: but whose?

Shooting The Past is a podcast presented by Presented by historian Dr Clare Wright that takes a fascinating look at Australia’s past through remarkable and intriguing photographs.

Also of interest is a talk, “‘A picture tells a thousand words’: but whose?”, that the CCP held to accompany an exhibition titled “An unorthodox flow of images” that was held in 2017. The talk’s main guest was Dr Clare Wright, and is followed by discussions by a number of other guests about their favourite work from the exhibition. The talk raises some interesting ideas that the guests have about photography and is well worth a listen.


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