My photography manifesto

This is likely to change over time as my ideas and thinking changes. But right now it is what it is.

    Buy a camera, whichever camera you can afford, a full frame, a crop sensor camera, a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a mirrorless micro four thirds camera… It doesn’t matter just get a camera.
    “Best” is subjective.
    Buy whichever lens you can afford.
    Sharpness is overrated. It doesn’t matter how sharp a photo is if it’s a shit photo then it’s just a sharp shit photo.

    Study the masters of photography.
    History is important.
    Don’t take it so seriously.
    Do it for fun.
    Do it because you enjoy it and love it.
    If you don’t like it then stop doing it.
    Don’t do it to please other people.
    The only person you have to please is yourself.
    If you like your photos then that’s all that matters.
    Fuck what other people think of your photos.
    If other people like your photos then great. If they hate your photos then who cares? It doesn’t matter!
    Buy books instead of gear.
    Take photography work shops instead of buying new gear.
    Theory and philosophy is just as important as practice.
    Take your camera everywhere with you.
    Listen to what others have to say but think for yourself and decide if what others have to say is BS or not.
    Don’t listen to others.
    There is more to photography than just photos, cameras, lenses and gear.
    The only gear you really need is a body, a lens, a battery, and a memory card or roll of film. Everything else is optional.
    Photography is unique, it’s a lens based art and the raw materials of a photographer is light and time. Embrace what is unique about photography.
    Don’t copy. You will never find your style if you just copy.
    Don’t be afraid to screw up and make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to learn.
    Don’t compare yourself to others, either to photographers that are better or worse than yourself.
    Browse your old photos. You might have missed a good photo in the first, second, even third edit.
    Photography is about seeing.
    Learn the rules.
    Break the rules.
    Ignore the rules.
    There aren’t really any rules.
    Just make photos.