Another photography web site/blog!?

Why did I just start another photography blog?

Doesn’t the web already have enough photography blogs and web sites? Yes but there is a real problem with most photography blogs and web sites, they preach that gear will make you a better photographer and that Photoshop can fix your mistakes.

While gear may make it easier to help you capture the image you want and Photoshop may help fix up mistakes to an extent it is no substitute for being a good photographer. The best gear and Photoshop can’t compensate for photos of boring subjects that are poorly composed and framed. Gear and Photoshop do not make for a good photographer.

And that is part of the reason I started this blog, to help show that the best tools aren’t everything. The other reason I started this blog mostly for myself because I believe that if you write about what you are passionate about then it will help you grow, learn, and expand your knowledge. I also wanted to share my writing about photography to hopefully help others become better photographers.


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