William Klein: In Pictures


An exclusive interview with photographer William Klein and a first-ever glimpse behind the scenes at his Paris studio.

‘Almost everything is coincidence and luck and chance.’ William Klein is one of the twentieth century’s most important photographers and film-makers and in this interview for Tate Media, he discusses his experience photographing on the streets of New York, the challenges in publishing his first New York book and how he worked with filmmaker Federico Fellini.



A Photography lesson with William Klein


The life of a photographer, even of a great photographer as they say, two seconds… more or less.

William Klein

The above quote is from the start of the video and is William Klein discussing the length of a photographers photographic life through their photos. The idea is that if you take all of the great photos that a photographer takes they will be equal to one or two seconds, those one or two seconds are the life of a photographer.

William Klein shares some of his contact sheets and talks about the photos and photography.