Sun Pictures: Henry Fox Talbot and the First Photographs


If you want to know about something, about anything, then the best way to learn about it is to study it’s history.

Sun Pictures: Henry Fox Talbot and the First Photographs is but just one chapter in the relatively short but incredibly interesting story of photography.

This short animation was created for SFMoMA by Drew Christie and Dan Herforth for the Photographic Interpretive Center.


Why art is important

Photography has come a long way from the early days when the camera was regarded as just a scientific instrument. The history of photography has taught us that photography is indeed an art.

But lately I have been running low on inspiration and have been questioning why I make photos. What is the point of it? Why bother? Is it even important? Is art important? So I did some reading and thinking and I’m happy to say that yes art is indeed important! Art is extremely important and this is why.



The Long Game


Sometimes it can seem like it would be easier to give up than it would be to carry on doing whatever you do. It’s hard to remember that hard work is worth it and will pay off. If you feel like chucking it all in and calling it a day on your creative pursuit(s) (or any other pursuit(s)) then you need to watch this three part video essay The Long Game from Adam Westbrook, a brilliant video essay about perseverance and not giving up.