G’day my name is James Ingles, AKA Jingles, I’m a street photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Kulture is a space for me to share my musings on photography.

During the day I work in IT providing IT support, when I’m not at work I enjoy practising photography.

I discovered the art of photography in high school where I learned black and white film photography using Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO film with a Minolta SRT 303 35mm SLR.
After high school I continued to practice photography casually but never took it seriously. In 2012 I lost my passion for photography, I sold all of my equipment and gave up photography. My hiatus from photography lasted about a year until one morning when I was witness to a most glorious sun rise which inspired me to take up photography again.

Loosing and rediscovering my passion for photography was the best thing that has happened to me. Now my passion for photography is stronger than it has ever been and I have vowed to take photography more seriously.

Part of my decision to take photography involved getting a photographic education. I had two options to get a photographic education, go back to school or self study. Going back to photography school wasn’t going to be practical so I decided to educate myself by reading and watching everything I possibly could about photography.

I decided to resurrect Kulture to share what I learn about photography and also to call bullshit on the message that gear and Photoshop will help make you a better photographer. I might be pissing into the wind but I’m not going to stop because I truly believe that photography books and self education can help make anyone a better photographer more than any gear or software will.

You can hit up my contact page to shoot me an email if you want get in touch with me or check out more of my photos on Flickr, connect with me on Ello, Pinterest, or YouTube.

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