Instravel – A Photogenic Mass Tourism Experience

This video exemplifies the karaoke culture that we live in. A karaoke culture is a culture where where we imitate and copy each other, it’s a culture in which showboating is encouraged and rewarded by likes and comments. A karaoke culture is perpetuated by social media and is toxic to authenticity and originality. Is this the sort of culture we want to create and live in?

Emotional Intelligence and Photography

Chase Jarvis’ dirtiest secret in photography video is one of the better videos I have seen for a while. In the video Chase raises the idea that the best ideas and inspiration come from outside of the photography industry. I couldn’t agree more.

A lot of problems that we encounter as photographers don’t have anything to do with photography which is why we need to look outside of the photography industry for inspiration and solutions. It’s naive to only look to the photography industry for inspiration and solutions to every problem we have. One such problem that can’t be solved by the photography industry is the anxiety that we might feel when shooting on the streets. We get anxious that people will get angry at us or cast dirty looks in our direction.